The Russians are dancing on their tables

I was taught to be nice to my family, nice to my teachers, nice to my bosses and co-workers and NICE to everyone.

I had trouble with all this niceness growing up. I often felt like getting up and just hollering- I DISAGREE. But disagreeing is the new nasty, if you do it indiscriminately. You are supposed to find your group and AGREE with them. Only then can you disagree with everyone else.

I have decided to dedicate a whole blog to being NASTY. I am going to AGREE and DISAGREE irrespective of what is considered “in line”.

So here is my first take: I pick an easy one to start with.

Are the Russians happy with the outcome of the US Election? Of course. But not because Trump won, but because the NASTY election managed to divide a whole country.

Now I have to disagree with myself, NICE has its moments. So today I leave you with one thought. Try to be NICE.

I know it sucks, but seriously, they shouldn´t be dancing on their tables.