Information highway to heaven or hell?

Remember the old buzzword Information highway. It was popular in the 1990´s.

I see myself and my fellow world persons as cruising on this highway.

Someone keeps adding lane after lane. People are driving like crazy. They bump into each other intentionally or unintentionally. They drive when they are too tired or under the influence of who knows what.

Some haven´t had their cars checked in ages, some are looking to crash into others intentionally or blow a bridge just for the fun of it or because they want to create havoc.

Who knew in the 1990´s,  that it was going to get so crowded and unsafe out there. It´s  more hell than heaven.

And speaking of heaven, no I am not getting religious here, just looking “up” into the digital clouds. Server after server. More and more often down rather than up when I need them.

Whoever thought of the word clouds, had it right. But they are not the NICE fluffy things they are purported to be. I keep feeling they will soon rain on my parade.

Just keep this in mind and drive safely.

And make sure to stay off the roads when the weather or traffic gets NASTY. Hold on to your crank up radios and torch lights and keep cash ready in case a hurricane hits the highway.