Google clean up your act

Google just isn´t working. Try googling nastyoldlady and you will see what I mean. Google wants you to skip straight to the porn sites. It guides you to choose NASTY old ladies instead of yours truly.

Should I just give up and change my domain name? The one I based on my all time favourite movie “La vieille dame indigne” directed by René Allio and a remark made by Donald Trump during the presidential debates.

NO NO NO. Old ladies don´t give up. They fight for the respect they deserve. My bag is swinging your way Google. And it will keep on swinging until you clean up your act.

Nastyoldlady is not a NASTY old lady.  I am NICE.

Well mostly anyway. Not when I am upset. You do not want to make me angry.

Shame on you. I want my grandchildren to be able to google me. Actually I want my grandchildren to be able to google anything they want without running into NASTY porn sites.

Don´t tell me porn sites can be blocked. You know kids, they will be googling with their friends and not everyone has the skill to block search engines. It is up to you. Why not make those who are actively seeking porn work for it, instead of parents.

Here´s how it works. If you google nastyoldlady, you get me. No offers to google nasty old lady and see a porn site instead. Because that is just downright pimping.

I am all for a free world and people doing what is right for them as long as they don´t hurt anyone.  But Google please stop the pimping. You could easily require porn fans to actively mark porn as relevant in their search settings. And consider it irrelevant for the rest of the world.

I mean you are trying to be more and more relevant aren´t you?

I am here to stay and I will be watching you. No one is going to grab my you know what. Google and reality stars included.