The reality show that TRUMPs all

It´s here, it´s called TRUMPs. We all get to watch. The trailers already have the world divided in those who hate the show and those who love it.

The ratings are through the roof. The advertisers are scrambling to get their name on the show. We are talking about big brands like Putin.

Donald T is moving into the House. He is taking his family. We get to follow their every step.

Kim Kardashian watch out. Your time is over.

Spoiler alert. Some episodes to look forward to. In the style of trusted tabloids.

Ryan crushed “He used me and dumped me”

Angela desperate “He´s not that into me “

Its going to get NASTY, I promise you. Because nasty sells.

And yes the show will be touring too. I will keep you posted, when it is in town.