TRUMPs, the show, part 2

Donald T said some NASTY things about the Chinese, but don´t worry about US-Chinese relations. Ivanka´s five-year-old Arabella is all set to fix them with videos of her recitals of Chinese poetry. In  Mandarin, in case you are wondering. I have this sneak preview of upcoming events by courtesy of Daily Mail.

It’s building up to be a great year for the TRUMPs show, which promises to be
The Osbournes, The Apprentice (more aptly named The Deal in Finland), Kardashians and Talent all rolled in one.

New episodes to look forward to.

 “You’re  Fired”  This episode actually has a trailer out already featuring Chris Christie, Mike Rogers and Matthew Freedman. It´s a “who done it?” story.

“What Happened Onboard Air Force One”.  This episode features Priebus and Bannon I am told. Expect fighting and lunging. I  can´t tell you if the outcome is rigged, but I do know Donald T will not be taking bets on the sidelines as rumoured.

Ratings are still through the roof and will be even better, if Melania makes a Deal with Daily Mail instead of suing. I will keep you posted.

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