Guggenheim Helsinki make or break

The Guggenheim Helsinki project has divided the Finns into lovers and haters. This is not the only parallel to the recent US election. The Guggenheim Helsinki discussion has also been a discussion about how resources should be allocated, when jobs are being cut right and left.

The project is now at a make or break point. The decision makers of the city of Helsinki are about to decide on a revised Guggenheim Helsinki Plan. This is not the first time the project is discussed, but some say it will be the last.

Personally I think the museum would be more than just a NICE addition to the city of Helsinki. I base my thinking purely on my own experiences. I was first drawn to visit St Petersburg, FL because of its great Dali museum. Once there, I found that there are many other excellent museums in the city too. All of which enhanced my visit, and made me promote St. Petersburg as the place to go in Florida.

International brand names, whether museum brands like Guggenheim, artists like Dali, or in the case of Finland, architects like Alvar Aalto, draw people´s attention. Once you have it, it is up to you to make the best of it.

I also think, and here many Guggenheim proponents will disagree with me, that considering all the spending cuts the Finnish government is facing, this was not the time and place for the government to fund any of the initial investment.

Having said that, if the museum is built, it should be treated equally to other museums in Finland and receive its share of any government funds available.

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