TRUMPs, the show, part 3

Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign as a reality show. You know the format. The participants act outrageously, and the watchers are either thrilled or disgusted. But everyone talks about the show.

The media keeps trying to make sense of it. I won´t. Instead I will try to bring you sneak peaks on upcoming episodes, so you know where the story is headed.

Please keep in mind that the episodes I mention are still in production. Based on ratings
of earlier episodes, the director may tweak the storyline before the episode airs.

Some new episodes to look forward to.

“Swamp Attack” . I saw the preview. It´s all about DonaldT and his trusty alligators cleaning up the swamp. I wish the alligators had worn NASTY and NICE jerseys, so I could tell the teams apart. I take it DonaldT´s alligators won, but to me it still looked like a swamp full of alligators by the end of the day.

“I Have a Dream”.  This is a totally new take on I Have a Dream. I am told it features DonaldT, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared. It´s set in the future. Have a peek.

DonaldT´s legacy continues. It is still unclear whether Jared or Ivanka is President. Kanye West is set to make a guest appearance. As villain or friend? Kanye says he hasn´t seen the script yet, but he is eager to join the show.

Whichever way the story goes, Jared will be well briefed. DonaldT is making sure of it.

Some international news.

The format has taken off in France. The French version, “Le PENs”, features a father and  daughter, surprise, surprise. Based on the amount of Twitter followers, Le PEN´s  will give other talk shows a run for their money. I hear Juppé sponsors are worried.

Lastly hot news about foreign locations where you may expect future episodes to be shot. I am told the US embassy is moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to ensure better action shots.

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