TRUMPs, the show, part 4

You may have missed the teaser to Season 2 of the TRUMPs show. It was called “OBJECTified” and aired on Fox News. The TRUMPs´ marketing team really outdid itself with this one. TMZ´s Harvey Levin “hosted”.

It seems the TRUMPs show is aiming for a broader audience base. You may still remember the Season 1 episodes jointly referred to as “The Campaign”. Since then DonaldT´s character has been totally rewritten. Gone is the NASTY. We are now introduced to the NICE, approachable DonaldT in his glittering home up in Trump Tower.

Spoiler alert. Here is a quick recap of the teaser for those who missed it.

Everything is just great, just great in DonaldT´s world. His parents were great, his children are great, Melania is great, and DonaldT humbly agrees with Harvey that he, DonaldT, is  pretty great himself.  It´s nice to be successful. He loves seeing his name on buildings. And by the way, he has been more successful in the real estate business than his father. Who was very successful.

Harvey reminds us that DonaldT was a good baseball player too, and at one time he considered a career  in Hollywood. On the business side, not as an actor. Although he was later to be very, very successful with The Apprentice. It should be emphasized once more, and DonaldT does it, that DonaldT is very successful.

Simply put, presidency was always an option. Nixon saw it, Oprah saw it, and now we get to see it.

DonaldT´s  Season 2 character will be NICE and caring. He will warn us of the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and remind us of the importance of good parenting. He is also in it to win it. He is all poised to continue to succeed. I mean how hard can it be to run a country ?

Please NOTE that all of this is totally dependant on the ratings. If NICE sells badly, the producers promise to bring back the NASTY asap.

TRUMPs´marketing team topped the day with a NICE interview with Mike Pence who seems to be positioning himself as Richie to DonaldT´s Fonzie at the moment. Check out the Happy Days intro on YouTube, if you weren´t around when the program aired.

Auditions for parts in future episodes of TRUMPs continue as we speak.

Please keep in mind that it is very much up to the audience where the show will be heading. The ratings will decide.

To see the TRUMPs teaser check OBJECTified or google “Objectified Donald Trump”.

You should also look up the new teaser that just aired on YouTube, Decisive DonaldT. My hat is off to DonaldT. He knows how to keep it short and engage his audience.