TRUMPs, the show, part 5

I suppose you heard that DonaldT recently invited the media to an epic rant session about the bad reviews that TRUMPs, especially “The Campaign” segment,  received in Season 1. Once again, the show´s overworked PR team had to rev into full clean up mode. After some tweeting, The New York Times  sat down with DonaldT for a NICE chit-chat.

From what I heard and read about the meeting, it would seem that DonaldT did what he does best. He focused on getting his views and himself accepted.

At any given moment, DonaldT seems to believe, or at least he sounds like he believes, what he is saying. Until the next day. When he meets someone else. Like a department store, he tries to offer something for everyone. I will skip any further NYT meeting details, since they may change tomorrow.

A few things bear mentioning though.

DonaldT seemed almost obsessed with the fact that -to paraphrase Gwen Stefani – everybody “used to like him”, and now they don´t.

In addition, he did share a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming season.

General “Mad Dog” Mattis may join the show, although nothing is confirmed yet. Mattis would be quite a win for the TRUMPs show. Despite his moniker, “Mad Dog”, Mattis is loved by his fans, and respected by many both nationally and internationally.

Two of his movies, “Task Force 58”, set in Afghanistan,  and “Invasion of Iraq”, earned him an Oscar. Now he seems to be looking for a more profound script, which may not sit well with the TRUMPs concept.

According to DonaldT, Mad Dog´s take on the NASTY interrogation technique waterboarding was, “No, give me some cigarettes and some drinks, and we´ll do better”.

While the tobacco industry welcomed the idea, the show´s screenplay writers are struggling with it. You can definitely get a good action scene out of this interrogation technique too, but it is feared that Mattis would balk at the ideas presently tossed around by the writers.

Some supporting role news.

Chuck Schumer is to play the Senate Minority Leader in Season 2, and there will be a lot of scheming heading his way. DonaldT is claiming to be ever so friendly with Chuck, but is he really just out to undermine Chuck´s credibility as an opponent? Once the season starts, we will be wiser.

In line with TRUMPs´ reality show nature, many of the supporting roles are being filled by amateurs, who know little or nothing about the role they will play.

And yes, DonaldT still says he will run both the country and his businesses in Season 2, although he will be writing fewer business checks. This check business has me confused, but DonaldT is as DonaldT says.

Auditions continue at Trump Tower. The role of Secretary of State is still up for grabs. Mitt “Slick” Romney and  Rudy “Shark” Giuliani are both in the running. In theory. Many are betting that Slick Mitt´s name is out there only for show.

All in all, we have high tensions, serious bumbling, major conflicts of interest, and a lot of screaming headlines to look forward to in Season 2. Its television time.