TRUMPs, the show, part 7

My cup runneth over. TRUMPs is gearing up to be filled with action in Season 2. I can´t wait to watch. It will end oh so badly, so badly. For someone. Most probably me, since I am missing both the burgers and the looks.

Why would burgers be relevant, you might wonder? Because Andrew Puzder, known as just “Putz” to most of us, will be joining TRUMPs as labor secretary in Season 2. I can´t get over the brilliance of it. No one will remember DonaldT´s grabbing of you- know -what. Now they will be grabbing burgers with Putz.

You do remember Putz don´t you? The nondescript, older burger joint guy, who says he likes “beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis.” He seems to do sleazy to perfection. Medium rare.

If my choice was Putz, or the beautiful women, I would go with the latter. But I can see where casting is going with this. The guy is there to make DonaldT look NICE.

In his new job, Putz will be in charge of women´s rights at work, among other things. Forget equal pay ladies – expect bikinis and burgers, with a few honeydew melons thrown in.

What else is new?  Not much. More amateur talent is joining the show, and DonaldT is still out there getting angry with everyone who dares to criticise him, whether the criticism is implied as in SNL´s parodies, or direct, as in the critical reviews of the episode “DonaldT Rides to Rescue” that was set in Indiana.

Everyone who makes fun of – or criticises – DonaldT is NASTY. DonaldT just can´t wait to make them sorry. So he slams them immediately. Forget state affairs – this is important. This is about DonaldT.

It might be worth mentioning that House Speaker Paul Ryan, who plays himself on the show,  just sat down shortly with the media. He confirmed that he will be appearing in the episode “Who Cares.”

The show´s PR team sent out a clip from the episode. In it we saw a clearly traumatised woman, who looked remarkably like yours truly, being dragged out of a convention centre screaming, I care, I care!”

This outburst was preceded by a scene in which House Speaker Paul Ryan explained to a room full of Republicans that it really wasn´t such a big deal that their president-elect regularly tweeted untruths and misinformation.

To hear Ryan tell it,  DonaldT´s untruthful tweeting is only an “unconventional” approach to the presidency. It doesn´t really matter compared to more important things; so who cares. Not Ryan at least, it seems.

Now I must ask; is this what you teach your own children Paul Ryan? That truth really doesn´t matter in the grand scheme of things? What things are more important than the truth?

I know many jurors and witnesses out there, not to mention judges, would like to know too. It seems they have been misinformed for centuries.

I can´t believe your mother raised you to lie, anymore than DonaldT´s mother did him;  and I don´t think you would like to be lied to yourself.

Would you be happy to accept the explanation that your wife, child, friend, colleague, employee, representative, or DonaldT for that matter, was just taking an “unconventional” approach to the truth, when he or she lied to you?

If not, why should anyone else accept it? What is left of morals and values in a country anymore,  when it’s  leaders show us with their actions that truth doesn’t really matter.

Well, not all leaders, we are talking about Paul Ryan´s and DonaldT´s take on the importance of truth now. The same guys who were unbothered by DonaldT´s possible business-related conflicts of interest. Which conflicts will be non-existent in Season 2, if the show´s producers are to be believed.

That will take some creative juggling by the screenplay writers. Here they were in Season 1, building up DonaldT as this successful businessman, who managed to make his name, Trump, such a brand name that he got paid millions upon millions for the use of it.

And now -hocus pocus – he is going to totally distance himself from the business, which is based on licensing a brand name, which happens to be Trump.

That will be an impressive feat. How do you keep the name from getting confused with the brand, which is the same as the name? I am confused by the thought alone.

But maybe the show will be called DonaldT and DonaldT will change his name to just DonaldT?

The more famous DonaldD might be offended though. I hear he and his friend MickeyM are not big DonaldT fans. So maybe we should make it Donald.J.T.

Or just DJT for short. Nastyoldladies do read urban dictionaries too.

A final thought on the upcoming season. With friends like Bannon and Flynn, who needs enemies, DonaldT? If i were you, I would set aside a dark cellar with plenty of pizzas, and let the guys create conspiracy theories and crime stories to their heart´s content. But please don´t give them access to any communication devices. One man firing a gun inside a pizzeria is enough. No more Pizzagates please.

And yes, I know it was the son, not the father that added fuel to that one, but like father, like son.


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