TRUMPs, the show, part 8

It is time to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the TRUMPs show´s Merry Christmas Tour. The  new year will soon be upon us. Before that, those of us who celebrate Christmas with family and friends will once again get together to do so.

The best Christmas gift anyone can give DonaldT, Strategy Whisperer Bannon, and Defense Whisperer Flynn, is a moral compass. One that actually has a true north instead of a false one. While you are at it, please send one to Putin and  Erdogan too, just to mention a few.

The best Christmas gift we can give each other, is our full presence. Too often the mind wanders to the latest conspiracy theory, unsatisfactory media content, Facebook entry, tweet or whatever. We are physically present, but zoned out. Or just plain tired after all the preparations.

Take DonaldT, who is preparing to move into the White House with Ivanka and Jared in tow.  Do you still remember my sneak peek into the upcoming  “I Have a Dream” episode?  The one that was set in the future.

In DonaldT´s dream his legacy continued. Whether Jared or Ivanka was president was unclear, as it had yet to be decided by the playwrights. The groundwork is being laid as we speak. The rest is up to the ratings.

Poor DonaldT. He must be tired after all the lying, posturing, tweeting, and talking on the phone that he has had to do lately.Talking to all those NICE heads of all those NICE countries with their NICE people.

Not to mention tending to major issues such as bringing back the  Merry Christmas salutation. Back from where, is still unsure. Probably from last year. Maybe someone should have told DonaldT that it is used pretty much once a year. Which is why he may not have heard it in a while. But this is a minor detail. Let Flynn whisper his weekly, “Brief security brief for dummies” first.

While we are enjoying the holidays, others will be fleeing for their life, or losing their life.

One of this year’s themes in my blogs has been that it is not wrong to care for your nearest and dearest, to fight for your jobs, or to fear an uncertain future. It is not wrong to vote for someone, who promises you a chance at a better life.

What is wrong, is for someone to play on your fears and hopes, to make false promises and carelessly spread untruths in  a manner that shows a total lack of something we used to call a conscience.

When your country is suddenly overflowing with refugees, or when forces like ISIS spread terror in your home town,  it is only human to worry and ask yoursef, whether all this is getting out of hand.

In the end it boils down to the question, what kind of world do we want to build for future generations.

Is it one, where politicians, decision makers, and we all, not only exaggerate or downplay situations, but boldly falsify information and spread it systematically to gain supporters for our causes?

One where the only one you can rely upon for help is yourself, because it is every man for himself and every woman for herself out there?

Or is it one, where human decency and truth still have value, and we expect them both from our leaders and ourselves.

As of today, I am going to switch to holiday mode. Light some candles, play some Christmas carols, and trim the tree. Gifts will be given, some overeating might be involved, but above all I intend to enjoy the holidays, be thankful for the many gifts that life keeps on giving.  I will do my best to welcome the new year with an open mind – but some trepidation can not be avoided.

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