TRUMPs, the show, part 9

We are  finally into Season 2 of the TRUMPs show. And what a show it promises to be. Look at the first episode. What more can you ask for? We have drama and intrigue from the start. Do the Russians have compromising material on DonaldT, as the episode suggests?

I can give you  a sneak peek. The memo that has been leaked to the media looks fake, some experts will say in Episode 2. Others will argue, that DonaldT had no presidency aspirations at the time of the alleged compromising situations. So why would the Russians have bothered with their well-known honeytraps?

But according to his back story, DonaldT did run actively for presidency already in 1999-2000 via the Reform Party. He lost to Pat Buchanan, who then lost to George W.Bush. In addition, he ran an unofficial campaign in May and April, 2011. This was insightfully and memorably commented upon by Lewis Black.

So yes, based on their earlier, well-known tactics, the Russians would most certainly have seen DonaldT as someone worth having a hold on.

But does that tell us anything about whether the leaked memo is true or false? Now what would you do, if you were DonaldT, and the Russians really had compromising info on you? Leak a fake memo as a pre-emptive strike, of course.

This is the beauty of being DonaldT. We don’t really know, do we? The shows script calls for DonaldT to be so unpredictable that even his own children will not know what hit them. His character is a mix of J.R.Ewing and Kim Il-sung with a dash of Berlusconi and David Miscavige, i.e. fiction, tyranny, “la bella vita”, and a trance spirit among followers. Anything goes. As long as it goes his way.

There are those who will try to analyse, what DonaldT is, does, represents, and will end up being. Robert Reich’s analysis is definitely worth reading, if you believe reality shows can be analysed.

It looks like it will build up to be a scary season. TRUMPs Season 2 , as described by the producers, sounds like a season of exaggeration and outright lies, bullying and unprecedented undermining of real and perceived opponents. Including but not limited to the media. A season that rips apart many of the allegiances that have safeguarded peace and prosperity internationally. There will be drama on all fronts, both personal, national and international. All in all, a spectacular show that is bound to attract much notice and high viewer ratings.

Some players and games to look out for, in no specific order:

China, the clearly distressed elephant in the china cabinet.

They did threaten to make it a “gloves off” match, if DonaldT continues to flirt with Taiwan, so let’s not forget them.

Putin, the small guy with the big ego, who sees himself as a modern-day Russian tsar, and wants to be memorable.

It’s like watching the Titanic meet the iceberg. DonaldT won’t know what hit him. He thinks he knows how to steer in these waters. Poor guy. Poor passengers.

Jared Kushner, the guy who is either clueless, or thinks he can handle both peace treaties and his father-in-law. Which basically boils down to the same thing –  the guy is clueless…

The generals, especially Flynn and Mattis. One is alt right, but is the other all right? If so, does he stand a chance, or is he one of the designated scapegoats?

The cleaning crew; all those that are cleaning up after DonaldT’s crazy tweeting, cheering on command at his attempts to shut up the media in press conferences, sweeping unfortunate incidences under the mat, and overall trying to make black look like white.

One of them will eventually break down and confess all, but DonaldT can handle it. They will be labeled “enemies, deceitful, scum, peddlers of fake news “. The guy does have a way with words.

Melania, the wife missing in action, the only smart one so far. Wise enough to stay in New York.

Ivanka, possibly the misguided dutiful daughter, dazzled by the White House and DonaldT´s success, ready to close her eyes and hope for the best, or – more probably – daddy in a modern, female package. More sleek, but no less dangerous.

The sons, the ones that won’t talk to daddy about anything business-related, and won’t make any use of their status as sons of DonaldT, when running DonaldT´s businesses.

If you believe that, you must believe in the tooth fairy too.

The media, fighting to make sense of it all. How do you fight crazy with sense?

Hollywood, beaten at its own game of creating images, changing perceptions, tapping into people´s emotions – by this bully with the overlong tie, short temper and minimal tolerance for anything but his own ideas.

Well, put like that, it sounds like your every day Mel Gibson, except for the tie.

Europe, the oldie but goldie, staid and middle-aged in its policies, torn between cherished ideals and the need to safeguard political and economic stability. Waking up to find that the world has taken a turn for the worse.

The Middle East, where total confusion reigns, and everyone is playing their own game. It only wants for DonaldT to enter the scene, and the mess will be complete.

ISIS, the face of mindless terrorism, the favourite tool of too many demagogues.

The Trump voters, the ones who still hold on to their belief that DonaldT can do no wrong, that he is just being harassed by a lot of biased, well-to-do people. The ones who needed hope in their life – and built their hopes on this unlikely “hero”. Will they cling to that hope, whatever the cost?

The Republicans, the long-term politicians. Will they just watch the story unfold, or take some action?

The Democrats, trying desperately to get back in the game, but so far failing to make any real difference.

The minorities, the ones that will take action and have the necessary social media clout to do it.

TWITTER. Now why do the media keep treating DonaldT’s tweets as newsworthy statements? Ignore them. Unless the guy is ready to follow-up on his message with a normal media conference, ignore his tweets. He is just looking for attention. Address the issue, when appropriate, but never ever mention the tweet.

I will try to adhere to this myself from now on. It will be difficult, the tweets are such easy ammunition. Too easy.

Inauguration Day is upon us on January 20th. Just following Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A bittersweet reminder of times of higher ideals.

But now it is time to fasten our seat belts and prepare for take off. It promises to be a very bumpy roller coaster ride with DonaldT.

I will keep you posted.

By the way, in my more introspective moments, which are few and far apart, I wonder if my blog rants are any worthier than DonaldT’s tweets. You may wonder too.

Lets face it, of course they aren’t. But then I am not playing the president of anything, am I. My role is that of a nastyoldlady. I try to live up to my name. We are expected to rant. I proudly do so, with the best of intentions.

I like to think that therein lies the difference between me and DonaldT. Because for the life of me, I can’t see him having any best intentions. If he is doing what he is doing with the best of intentions for his country and its people, then I am Miss Universe.

Now there is a plot twist for all you screenwriters to ponder on.