TRUMPs, the show, part 10

I am proud to be the first one to unveil the TRUMPs theme for Season 3. The screenwriters have dubbed it The Tsars in honour of the bromance between VladimirP and DonaldT. But let us first have a look at the start of Season 2. It is fair to say that all did not go as planned.

The time for empty talk is over said DonaldT on Inauguration Day. Then he proceeded to dole out all-encompassing empty promises worthy of the best of agitators.

The script had a great spin on things. “Put America first, put the people first,” translated effortlessly into, “Put me and my interests first,” in DonaldT’s followers’ minds.

This invites the question: “When America and DonaldT – and his interests – are in conflict, which is put first?”

DonaldT does gloom and doom like no one else. He did it again on Inauguration Day. The American people are forgotten, trapped, deprived, robbed. Other countries ravage, steal and destroy. Clearly America is in need of a saviour. Look no further, DonaldT has come to town.

Well, colour me disheartened. There is something called refreshing bluntness and then there is off-putting aggressiveness. DonaldT´s inauguration speech was the embodiment of the latter. Is aggressiveness the same as strength? Is unpredictability the same as healthy change? Sadly no.

When the producers told me thaDonaldT’s character was a mix of  J.R.Ewing and Kim Il-sung, with a dash of Berlusconi and David Miscavige, I confess: I didn’t quite see it. Although J.R. and Berlusconi where obvious, the rest was not.

Now I get it. On Inauguration Day DonaldT clearly channeled his inner Miscavige by proclaiming himself the head of a MOVEMENT, not only a state.

Unfortunately his followers didn’t get the memo. They didn’t show up on Inauguration Day in the better-than-ever numbers that DonaldT expected. This didn’t sit well with DonaldT. He blamed the media for underestimating the crowd size and came out with his own, hugely exaggerated numbers, which were immediately proven false.

Why would he do that, the media asked. How could they fail to see the obvious answer; he was desperate to prove there was a MOVEMENT. His capital letters, not mine.

To top it all, DonaldT’s tireless B.S. Generator, Kellyanne Conway, came up with a real B.S. classic, one for the history books. She called the Trump team’s false numbers “alternative facts”.

Alternative facts indeed. Now I see where the producers are going with their characterisation. North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung was a legendary master of alternative facts. His alternative facts were never challenged. Maybe his son, who follows in his father’s footsteps, is available for consultation.

I can see it in my mind’s eye: DonaldT, President of the United States of Alternative Facts. Where the definition of a lie is that it doesn’t fit into DonaldT’s alternative vision of the truth. So by definition, DonaldT never lies.

Back to Inauguration Day. To add insult to injured ego, it rained on DonaldT’s parade. Literally. And the protesters didn’t help either. Not to mention the millions that joined the Women’s March the following day.

Does DonaldT care? Of course. If it is bad for ratings, it is bad for DonaldT.

Does he have ideals, is he working towards specific goals?

Ideals? Not that I know of. Goals, yes. The ratings matter and the power, the power especially.

We are back to VladimirP. Now there is a guy to admire, and DonaldT says he does. VladimirP has his country in hand. The media under control. His opponents dead, in jail or deported. Nobody opposes VladimirP for long. The media reports what it is supposed to report, or else.

Soon the guys will meet and exchange notes. DonaldT still has a way to go, but VladimirP is happy to lend a friendly hand.

You probably remember DonaldT’s comment on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Today’s Egypt can well be categorised as an army dictatorship. DonaldT had his own take on this. Sisi is a “fantastic guy” according to DonaldT. “He took control of Egypt. And he really took control of it.”

So does DonaldT have a goal on the show? Yes, he has. Power and control, lot’s of it. His team and cabinet picks are classic examples of divide and conquer.

To ensure high ratings, DonaldT will focus on telling a compelling story, on making grand gestures, and taking sweeping action. Careful deliberation is for pussies. The show is more important than the end result. The latter can always be painted good with alternative facts.

The end goal is a one way street, where everybody is driving in the direction set by DonaldT. A direction that may vary at whim. People across government will be too confused and divided to effectively contain the damage.

Beware, Theresa May. If you latch on to this particular Don Quixote, you get the windmills too.

The screenwriters are having a field day envisaging all the plot twists. This show will play with our lives and values in a way that is guaranteed to keep us awake at night.

DonadT’s fan club has reached out to the producers. They feel DonaldT deserves a chance to sound more like a president and less like a 12-year-old. A chance to act more like a president and less like a grandiose bully. A chance to unite rather than divide.

Been there, done that, the producers say. Nice does not sell on reality shows.

Their only concern is how to make DonaldT stick to his acting. He now thinks he can be the director too. Not to mention ad-libbing instead of following the script. Trouble is brewing on the set, I hear.


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  1. Anonymous

    What’s happening is a perfect example of The Basic Assumption Group (according to W.Bion) – a theory I studied in the 70’s when group therapies were popular:
    External realities are ignored and collective dynamics rule. A fantasy grows, a saviour figure emerges etc

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