TRUMPs, the show, part 11

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Theresa May. I hope you saw the latest TRUMPs episode, “Anger in the White House”, where DonaldT set out to right the imaginary wrongs of the world. Tilting at windmills with gusto. Like a modern-day Don Quixote.

DonaldT and Marine Le Pen really think alike, as Marine boasted. They both see Muslims, immigration and ISIS as a package deal. With one, you get the others. At least if they come from the seven Muslim-majority countries named in DonaldT’s “Muslim ban”.

Presumed guilty, until proven innocent; the new normal for Muslims in TRUMPs. I think you should  seriously reconsider joining the show, Theresa. Read David Brooks’ article “Politics of Cowardice“, if you don’t believe me. A mean wind is blowing.

The producers are all set to transform the Statue of Liberty into the Statue of Bigotry. It doesn’t take much. Just replace the torch with a gun and the tablet evoking law with an executive order. Then gild the crown to satisfy DonaldT’s aesthetic eye and symbolise the new regime of alternative facts. Surround the statue with a wall and close it to all but Christian Americans. There we have it: the new, make America great again symbol.

I never thought I´d say this, but maybe the wall is a good idea. DonaldT could build it brick by brick. That would keep him active. Physical activity is good for anger management. As we heard from DonaldT himself, his world is an angry place.

I hope that TRUMPs’ America has the “secret sauce” that Warren Buffet said it has; that the country still works, even though its male lead is a man, who feels threatened by so many and has little regard for facts and proper procedure.

My hope would be stronger if key government officials hadn’t just walked out en masse while cabinet members with little, or no, government experience entered.

Is Warren Buffet still at the top of his game? Can I really trust the “secret sauce”? There are so many  windmills in DonaldT´s world.

Let’s have a quick look at this wall DonaldT wants to build on the US-Mexico border. You might want rethink that one, DonaldT. Remember the Berlin wall. History has not thanked those who built it.

If you truly intend to fund your wall with import taxes, prepare yourself for the inevitable. It won’t take long before the wall is torn down with great pomp and ceremony to celebrate the end of America´s short, misguided foray into protectionism.

But I can see why you feel the need to squander USD 15 billion of taxpayers monies on the wall. You do it because of the presidential promise meters, don’t you. Luckily the meters don’t analyse the quality of your presidential promises. They just look at whether they are kept or not.

If you had promised to take a dump on the White House lawn and done so, it would have counted as a kept promise. As will the building of the wall. Which does less good to anyone than taking a dump on the presidential lawn.

Let’s head to Finland while we are waiting for the wall. When former NHL player, Teemu Selänne a.k.a. The Finnish Flash, explained to the Finnish media that DonaldT was indeed the better choice,  people took notice.

Maybe you could explain what has happened so far, Teemu. Both to me and the Finnish media.

You could start with the secret CIA overseas prisons, the black sites. Why should they be reopened, and torture reinstated as an interrogation technique?

Please also explain the Muslim ban. We all know it created serious problems for visa holders, green card holders, and legal permanent residents, not to mention refugees and potential immigrants, from seven Muslin-majority countries. But what was the real- not perceived – threat that it was expected to solve?

Obamacare will be repealed asap, if DonaldT get’s his way. Maybe you are aware of an alternative plan that would ensure affordable health care for the people who Obamacare targeted, Teemu? I have not heard of one. Or is this just a minor detail that doesn’t concern you? I know you can afford to buy any health care you want.

Climate control is another issue worth mentioning. The climate control facts are being rewritten at DonaldT’s request as we speak. Not that the climate control officials speak; they are not allowed to. But maybe you have some insight. Is there climate change or isn’t there?

Don’t forget protectionism. DonaldT seems to be quite comfortable with the thought of inciting a global trade war. You might want to explain that one a little better, Teemu. It seems this was tried on a larger scale in the 30’s, and the results were discouraging.

While you are at it, I would really like your take on voter fraud. DonaldT´s own lawyers argued that no evidence of voter fraud existed when they opposed the recount of votes. And studies indicate the same.

But in DonaldT´s Universe of Alternative Facts, he absolutely, totally, crushingly won. It may look like Hillary won the popular vote, but she didn’t. Not without VOTER FRAUD. DonaldT’s  capital letters, not mine.

Maybe these are not the things that interest you, Teemu. You are probably more concerned about taxes. Don’t worry. DonaldT is going to do right by you and all his other millionaire friends. Taxes are definitely going down.

So stay where you are please, don’t try to import the TRUMPs concept to Finland. The ratings would not be good.

Finland is still opposed to all forms of discrimination, be it based on religion or other factors. It still believes in the concepts of free trade and climate control. It actually condemns torture.

Finland has always been a great proponent of give and take; threatening others is not its style. Finland is not an angry mess. Finns are mostly pragmatic, as you know. They still believe in working through their differences.

Last but not least, Finland has yet to embrace the Universe of Alternative Facts. We would like to keep it that way.