The alternativeFacts symbol

Donald Trump is just a few weeks into his presidency, and already he and his team have made history. Alternative facts are here to stay. No executive order was needed. The world learned by example. To commemorate this, I decided to create a symbol, the alternativeFacts symbol.

Feel free to use the symbol, whenever the need to embellish a story hits you. I would ask you to follow a few minor guidelines when doing so.

Please always refer to the symbol as the alternativeFacts symbol. Note the use of only one capital letter, and the missing space between the words.

Credit the symbol to yourself, your grandmother, the Loch Ness monster, or whoever you want to credit it to when you use it. As long as you don’t credit it to me, which would be a fact, and therefore a misuse of the symbol.

The symbol should never be used together with real facts.

Trademark designers like to add a little story to the trademarks they sell to unsuspecting clients. The goal is to ensure that their victims fully understand the amount of deep thought that went into the creation of the trademark. If the story doesn’t bring this point home, the extortionate bill will.

The alternativeFacts symbol deserves its own story, so here goes:

The grey circle symbolises a vicious circle, where illegal voters fraudulently massacre inauguration crowds – on the White House lawn, not in Bowling Green. Nobody reported this, because the media lies.

The colour is grey because, as is the case with alternative facts in general, some might rate the vicious circle story true, others false. Black and white would not have worked.

The circle itself is relatively thick. This choice was inspired by the famous Border Wall. It has nothing to do with the fact that this was the circle most easily available on Internet.

The letters themselves need no further explaining.

After little to no research, I determined that most people saw red when they were presented with alternative facts. The red letters echo this emotion, thus giving the symbol its authentic feel.

The use of the small letter a is a subtle reference to the way the Internet has facilitated the spread of alternative facts.

The calligraphic font is a nod to the fact that, in their more benign forms, alternative facts can save marriages, friendships and parent-child relationships, to name a few.

Please note my use of the term alternative facts above. Never use the form alternativeFacts when you are referring to alternative facts in general. Only when you are referring to the symbol itself.

Use the symbol at the end of the sentence or paragraph that you wish to mark as alternative facts.

All in all much thought and work has been put into this symbol.alternative-facts-3Please enjoy.



  • Q: Can I use the symbol in the middle of a sentence instead of the words alternative facts?
  • A: Yes you can use the symbol instead of the words alternative-facts-3. Note, the period mark. If alternative-facts-3 refers to the whole sentence or paragraph, it is placed after the period.
  • Q: The letters of the symbol suggest other uses too, see urban dictionary. Is this okay?
  • A: Alternative uses of the symbol are allowed, as long as the fact is acknowledged. I.e. in case of alternative use, use the double symbol alternative-facts-2alternative-facts-2.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the new symbol! I’m sure it will come to good use. Looking at the letters a and F alternative meanings come to mind as well.

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