TRUMPs, the show, part 13

Okay everyone, it’s official. The TRUMPs show is a complete mess. This cannot have been what the producers intended. I watched the latest episodes of TRUMPs, and  I was not impressed.

Take the episode “Amateur Hour”. Was anyone really surprised that Mike Flynn discussed Obama’s sanctions with the Russians? Or that he let himself get caught so easily? Who else will be caught?

The betting books are open; how crazy will TRUMPs become, will DonaldT be ousted? If so, when?

The National Security Council is more like a National Disruption Council these days. Bannon has to be high-fiving himself daily. My jury was out as to whether Robert Harward, who was to take on the role of national security adviser, would have been the man to set it right.

No need to keep the jury out anymore. Harward turned the role down. I guess he was man enough to ask for Bannon to leave the council. Why did you miss this golden opportunity, DonaldT? It worries me. What is this hold Bannon has on you?

Well at least the Muslim Ban was out of the headlines for a while. Although you are doing your best to bring it back. I can’t say I was surprised that it didn’t pass muster in court. Or that your name-calling continued.

The audience isn’t acting too nicely either. Are we as viewers in danger of succumbing to what psychologists would call the fundamental attribution error here?

DonaldT started the bullying and the name-calling, and he continues it. But does that mean that it is okay for the “good people”, the ones that oppose DonaldT’s actions like we do, to defame DonaldT without any restraint? How far can you go in the name of a good cause?

I am not talking about words like pathetic, stupid, idiot or even narcissist. The guy uses worse himself.

I am talking about articles that attribute pretty serious mental disorders to DonaldT based on nothing more than idle speculation. When a well-known psychiatrist publicly diagnoses DonaldT as a psychopathic narcissist, I draw the line. This is not okay anymore,  it’s a misuse of the psychiatrist’s degree.

DonaldT does keep shooting himself in the foot though. Time and time again. Take this “so-called judge” thing. How can he expect people to resist calling him the so-called President after that one? Can he really blame anyone but himself?

Forget the question, of course he can.

Then there is this whole alternative facts world that he has created. According to PolitiFact,  69 percent of his fact-checked statements during Season 1; The Campaign rated “mostly false” or “false” or “pants on fire”.

Sometimes we lie to ourselves so well that we believe our own stories. This makes us even more persuasive when we tell a lie, if studies are to be believed.

These false stories – which by now may be false memories in our mind –  take on even more meaning and apparent justification when they are recounted to others. Does DonaldT believe his own doom and gloom stories by now; the false to mostly false parts included? Have they  become true alternative-facts-4 in his mind?

Is this why DonaldT started his presidency by solving problems that really didn’t need solving, thereby creating more problems?

Is it why he uses the presidential power to damage the reputation of others with falsehoods? Because he believes his own stories, whether false or not?

Who knows? I just wish the producers would get their act together. Is someone trying to keep DonaldT away from the real work? The guy is meeting with this and that prime minster, golfing and having candlelit dinners at Mar-a-Lago, with what looks like little or no real preparation for the visits. I am pretty sure the visitors have all left confused; albeit on a higher level than they were upon arrival.

At the same time Mike Pence along with DonaldT’s cabinet and staff, what there is of it, and most of Washington, is trying sort things out. To stop things from sliding totally out of control. Nothing seems to be getting sorted, however. It is all a holy mess. Well, with Pence involved it would be holy, wouldn’t it?

Actually Congress did get one thing right. Remember the burger guy, Andrew Puzder, Putz for short?  The one who was supposed to become labor secretary. Well that plan is off at least; Putz withdrew. Some Republicans finally found a backbone and refused to back him.

Way to go, two of my least favourite actors are now no longer part of the TRUMPs cast. Sadly it looks like my least, least, least favourite actor is still going strong as far as the producers are concerned. Even though he is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Literally. He himself waits for it most of all.

If you are still wondering, I am referring to Bannon, of course. Let’s have a look at him. I googled – no need to add the traffic on the site itself – some Breitbart News headlines on Bannon just for fun.

These headlines are from the 10 first days after DonaldT´s inauguration: “Newsweek: Donald Trump Channels Steve Bannon in Inaugural Address”, “The Hill: The Breitbartization of the White House”, “Steve Bannon Torches New York Times:’You Have No Power'”, “Wash Post: Trump Orders ISIS Plan, Gives Bannon National Security Role”, “EU Chief Brexit Negotiator: Donald Trump and Steve Bannon ‘Pose Existential Threat to EU'”.

I know Bannon is not executive chairman of Breitbart anymore, but he does get great publicity, doesn’t he? He is up there in the headlines right along with DonaldT. I hear that Breitbart, a minor player on the media scene, is suddenly a regular at White House press conferences. The backscratching works both ways.

So why is Bannon so interested in building himself as the man behind DonaldT? Is it because he knows DonaldT will not make it to 2020; that he has already made or will make one mistake too many? Does Bannon expect to build on DonaldT’s voters’ disappointment, when DonaldT is out of the picture? Mike Pence would never have been their choice, so he would not be a threat in 2020.

A lovely conspiracy theory, if I say so myself. Almost on the level of some of Bannon’s and Breitbart’s best. Unbelievable you say? Wasn’t that what you said about DonaldT to begin with?

By the way, did you note the reference to e.g. Newsweek and WashPost in the Breitbart headlines above? The headlines seem to fall in four main categories: 1) Trump is doing well, and Bannon even better.  2)The media lies, except when it suits us to quote them. 3) All is not well with the opposition, be it Los Angeles and its homeless, or anti-Trump protesters torching a Muslim limo. 4) If nothing else interests you, read the latest entertainment news, so we get some more views.

It is funny how Breitbart headlines often quote the mainstream media that Bannon and his cronies are trying to strip of its power. A quest that has backfired badly so far. Nothing has added to newspaper subscriptions as much as TRUMPs lately.

DonaldT, you promised to clean up the swamp, but it seems you got caught in it. You may have envisioned yourself as a strong, sturdy tree, but your tree is being suffocated by Spanish moss. There isn’t enough light anymore. Even worse, the moss hides some pretty interesting creatures: rat snakes, bats and jumping spiders, to name a few.

You already got rid of one bat, but there are more, and one of the rat snakes has slithered all the way to the National Security Council. By the way, it’s not the only rat snake you have invited in, just look at Sessions.

Then there is your jumping spider, KellyanneC. She has been jumping quite uncontrollably from Bowling Green to supporting Flynn in your name; just before the poor bat was forced to resign. I have said it before, I will say it again: She is not doing you any favours.

It’s time to let some light into the swamp. To cut off some of that Spanish moss that is hanging on you from the campaign trail.

There’s a blue sky out there and the world isn’t as angry as it feels. It’s the moss that is suffocating you. I don’t know if you can get rid of it on your own; and maybe no one is there to really help you. Maybe those who could help are too busy trying to get rid of you.

The thing is, it’s not only you this is hurting; it hurts the country you are supposed to lead too. So someone please do something.


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  1. Anonymous

    I totally agree about the line-drawing! It is disgraceful to use a diagnosis as a weapon, regardless whether it is true or not.

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