TRUMPs, the show, part 15

Reality shows tend to take unexpected turns. The TRUMPs storyline just turned upside down. As you know, DonaldT has been all for focusing on national affairs. Suddenly, there he was, attacking Syrians.

His far right friends, everyone from fake news king AlexJ of Infowars to UK’s Nigel Farage, French Marine le Pen and Dutch Geert Wilders, to name a few, had a rude awakening.

This was not what they had signed up for. They all hurried to denounce DonaldT. He was not supposed to take any global action.

Now everyone is in the same boat. None of us have any idea where the show, and DonaldT with it, is going. Not even the ones, who thought they did.

Before we go to the episode The Attack, let’s take a look at the episode The Exit. Much is happening in the White House.

You have to hand it to DonaldT – he does know how to fire them. Flynn is now totally out of the picture, and Bannon is off the National Security Council. Flynn’s pick for Deputy national security adviser, K.T. McFarland, is off the Council too. McMaster really has been masterful.

It has been trial and error time in the White House ever since DonaldT moved in. The saying: “You never fail until you stop trying”, is not one that applies to governing a country. The stakes are too high. It’s not just money, it’s people. It’s not just livelihoods on stake, it’s lives.

Unlike taped television shows, retakes are seldom possible on reality shows, although DonaldT has had his fair share: the Muslim Ban and Obamacare come to mind.

And now DonaldT is heading overseas in full war mode. The episode “The Attack” seems to have created quite a stir in the media.

Alex J’s Infowars  argued that the whole Syrian chemical attack was fake. MSNBC’s Lawrence  O’Donnell went even further, and speculated that it could all have been something VladimirP and DonaldT cooked up together to make the DonaldT look good, and to fake a controversy between Russia and the US.

Neither offered up any proof, but PolitiFact has a hard time disproving crazy, far-fetched stories, so here we are, with one more set of alternative-facts-4.

Back to the episode The Attack itself. I will quickly recap it for those who didn’t see it.

DonaldT was in his bathrobe bemoaning his rapidly falling popularity ratings, when he heard about the gas attack in Syria. This was something he couldn’t place in Obama’s corner anymore.

His advisers pointed out that decisive action would be just the ticket to bring up popularity ratings. It is, after all, a well-known fact that when internal affairs are floundering, the spotlight can always be turned in another direction by attacking an outside enemy.

The advisers were right. The press is calling it DonaldT’s best week ever. Only the show’s writers know how the storyline will play out in the future. Will there be more missile strikes?

The Attack nicely put an end to most of the speculations that VladimirP and DonaldT are too chummy.

Even if we don’t buy into conspiracy theories, DonaldT’s missile strike may still have been welcome to VladimirP. He too can now turn all eyes from internal problems to foreign affairs

The storyline of The Attack had it all. Babies, beautiful babies had been killed, and DonaldT rode to the rescue to the applauds of the Western world.

DonaldT was defending the children of God. You noticed the wording, didn’t you? Implied heavenly backing is just the thing to keep your supporters on board, when you about-face the way DonaldT did.

I am no expert on Syrian warfare. The US attacks may well have been warranted, for all I know. Future episodes will tell.

But do I trust that DonaldT did this mainly for the babies, for the children of God? Absolutely not. Trust and DonaldT just don’t mix in my mind.

Call me slow, but it took me some time to realise that TRUMPs is basically a 2.0 version of The Apprentice. 

The voters voted DonaldT to be the team leader, and he is just as clueless as most team leaders on The Apprentice have been. The problem is his task is not a fictional marketing campaign, it is leading America.

I thought celebrity teams on The Apprentice were bad enough, but now we have a mix of failed or failing real estate moguls, investment bankers gone alt right, and billionaires with too much time and ambition on their hands, playing at governing a country. Okay, there are some potentially sound generals in the mix, but beyond that it is amateur hour.

There they are, happily playing with issues like world peace, climate change, international trade treaties, healthcare and tax reform, with the abandon of a six-year- old, while the world is watching in fascinated horror.

The team is mired in internal fighting, as Apprentice teams often are. We are all holding our breaths as to whom DonaldT will deem fireable next. Scared out of our wits, we watch him take on the most daunting tasks with a team that just isn’t up to them.

If you saw the “war room” scene shot at Mar-a Lago, you know what I mean. Seriously, Jared, in a key position around the table? And Bannon looming in the far right corner? Which is the right place for him, of course, symbolically speaking. But who want’s him anywhere near any decisions regarding war?

In a way it truly was a good week. Xi Jinping, the President of China visited too, and he kept his face much better in check than Angela Merkel. There was no time for crazy tweeting, so DonaldT seemed almost presidential.

But as far as I am concerned, DonaldT could still easily win the Biggest Loser, if the contest was about losing presidential credibility rather than about losing weight.

I have pleaded before, I do it again. Please get your act together, DonaldT. We both know that good actors and smart backers, who are in it for more than the fame and a quick buck, are key to any successful show.

As for the next exit – please, please, please let it be Bannon.