Who needs enemies

As the saying goes – with friends like this, who needs enemies.

The saying must have come to mind many times as NATO country leaders met up with Donald Trump. Theresa May probably had similar thoughts upon Trump’s arrival to the UK.

You have to hand it to Trump. He pronounced the world a mess when he stepped into office and promptly went on to ensure that it is one. It’s been all downhill ever since, flowers excluded.

If your into messes, you have to give the guy points for effectivity. Sadly, too many do.

There are all kinds of negotiation tactics. You might think that old ladies know little about them, but then I am a self-proclaimed nastyoldlady. I do – know a little about nasty negotiation tactics, that is.

What I see is a bullying businessman bringing his dishonest negotiation tactics to the arena of world politics. What I know is that when you meet up with a negotiator like this – and I have met a few – you slowly but surely take on some of their characteristics to survive. You may not lie, like they do, but neither will you offer them any information freely.

There is no trust involved in negotiations like that. There is no give and take. There are no win-wins, there is nothing to build them on. There are no partnerships. There is only win-lose. Both parties just try to outsmart each other.

In short, it’s a negotiation tactic that works fine for the winner, if you are in it for a quick buck and have no further need for good relations with the other party – or any other parties for that matter.

Because word does get around. People talk, and your tactics become known whether you are in business or in politics.

As long as a man like Donald Trump is heading America, NATO as we knew it is dead, however much money may be put into its budgets. Would you trust a man like that to hold your back?

It’s time for a plan B for Europe. It’s time for a plan B for the UK. I hope everybody rallies around Theresa May. Whatever you think about Brexit, there is a bigger danger out there.

Nobody should trust their future to the goodwill of America as long as Trump leads it. The man does not understand the concept of goodwill, anymore than he understands trust or truth.

No matter what your agenda is, whatever you politics are, whether you are pro NATO, Brexit, whatever – or against it – one thing is sure. You don’t want to be friends with Trump.

There are much more reliable enemies out there.