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Putin is following me

No, Vladimir Putin is not a follower of my blog, although his bots may be. Putin is, however, definitely following in my footsteps.

A few weeks ago my partner in life and I set out to discover Eastern Finland and enjoy an unforgettable opera evening in the medieval Olavinlinna castle. Continue reading

The blessings of being ordinary

Good art inspires; it makes you see things differently. I just saw a Frida Kahlo exhibition, and was struck not only by her art, which was inspiring in itself, but by her life story too.

Frida Kahlo was bedridden with polio for nine months when she was six, and limped ever after. As if that was not enough, she barely survived a serious traffic accident in 1925, when she was only eighteen. She had thirty-five operations before she could leave the hospital. She was in pain from that day on. Continue reading

The alternativeFacts symbol

Donald Trump is just a few weeks into his presidency, and already he and his team have made history. Alternative facts are here to stay. No executive order was needed. The world learned by example. To commemorate this, I decided to create a symbol, the alternativeFacts symbol. Continue reading

Guggenheim Helsinki make or break

The Guggenheim Helsinki project has divided the Finns into lovers and haters. This is not the only parallel to the recent US election. The Guggenheim Helsinki discussion has also been a discussion about how resources should be allocated, when jobs are being cut right and left.

The project is now at a make or break point. The decision Continue reading