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Betrayal at the break of dawn

Trust is said to be key to a happy life and a good job performance. We function much better in high-trust environments than in low-trust ones, if research is to be believed – which is debatable. Continue reading

Democracy, just for you, just on time

I wish there was a “just for you, just on time” form of democracy. There is clearly a market for one.

Democracy is a little like saving. It’s a slow process, you experience setbacks at times, and your ultimate goal may seem unreachable all too often. Continue reading

Looking for the silver lining

There is the universe we used to live in. Then there is the one that Donald Trump is fast creating. The one where anything goes.

Where the president of the United States can set himself above the law and the basic principles of good governance and common decency with frightening ease.

There is often a silver lining to be found even in the darkest cloud; there is one here too. Continue reading

Oops, EUps

In June 2016, the European Union woke up to the news that Brexit was a reality. Even those, who had argued for Brexit, were surprised. Time moved on. In November 2016, the EU woke up stunned. Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States.

As if Brexit hadn’t been enough to contend with, Continue reading