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Democracy, just for you, just on time

I wish there was a “just for you, just on time” form of democracy. There is clearly a market for one.

Democracy is a little like saving. It’s a slow process, you experience setbacks at times, and your ultimate goal may seem unreachable all too often. Continue reading

A lesson in populism

Donald Trump’s latest press conference was a brilliant lesson in populism. He had the media totally confused. They didn’t even notice how they were played, and ended up as the villains.

I decided to look at the conference from the perspective of a Trump supporter. First I had to forget the mannerisms and the rambling, because a Trump supporter would. Continue reading

TRUMPs, the show, part 13

Okay everyone, it’s official. The TRUMPs show is a complete mess. This cannot have been what the producers intended. I watched the latest episodes of TRUMPs, and  I was not impressed.

Take the episode “Amateur Hour”. Was anyone really surprised that Mike Flynn discussed Obama’s sanctions with the Russians? Or that he let himself get caught so easily? Who else will be caught? Continue reading