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My hour as a populist: Go strawberry

Decisions, decisions. My self-imposed hour as a populist begins. First I have to decide what I am going to oppose. A populist is expected to oppose something vehemently.

Preferably something that many others support. Said supporters are called “the elite”,  if they have made it to the decision-making level. For us populists “the elite” is a dirty word.  Continue reading

Oops, EUps

In June 2016, the European Union woke up to the news that Brexit was a reality. Even those, who had argued for Brexit, were surprised. Time moved on. In November 2016, the EU woke up stunned. Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States.

As if Brexit hadn’t been enough to contend with, Continue reading

Bowing to fear and unreason

I have read about it, I have seen it in documentaries and movies, but I never thought I would one day be sitting in the midst of it. I am not talking about war, and the destruction it brings. I am talking about an everyday variety of Continue reading